Friday, November 18, 2011

Sleeping Cutie

I'm cute.  I'm MUCH cuter when I am well-rested. So, if you are new to me and my blog, I will become increasingly attractive to you over the next few months. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I have begun to sleep.  Well, I might add.

Long story short, I have not slept well in about a year.  After a sleep study in which I slept at the hospital hooked up to machines while a stranger watched my every move on video, I finally got the results of that study:
I do NOT have sleep apnea.  This is great!  However, I still don't sleep well. This is bad.

So, after hemming and hawing, my doctor, Dr F (my Sleep Medicine Doctor) said she could give me some medication to try. These are what she recommended:

  • Something based on Melatonin-this is a fat NO, due to my creepy realistic dreams.  Un uh. 
  • Ambien and Lunesta. These are FOR sleep, and only sleep. I'm game, but all the horror stories about sleep-eating, sleep-driving, and sleep-shopping have Sky King a bit wary.  He's rightfully cautious, because of my "issues" with Nordstrom. But I sure would look great in some new boots after sleep-shopping---alas, we all know that's a treacherous path to go down.
  • The next group are a group of older meds for anxiety-Sign me up, right?  They tend to make you sleepy, so right before bed is perfect.  They work with the Cymbalta for the Fibro pain, also fab.  So I get a script for Mirazapine.  
I slept!  Albeit, the night before a major cognitive function test  to address my memory issues which could have been planned better.
But, 4 days later, I am still sleeping!

:::cue angels and harp music:::

I feel good when I wake, but am having a hard time wanting to get up. Maybe it is catching up on a year's worth of good sleep? Maybe the med is too strong?  I'm going to give it a couple weeks, then make a firm assessment.

Yay, Sleep!

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