Friday, November 25, 2011

Road Trip Music

Recently, we took a road trip.  I have always been a fan of driving long distances.  Some of our best bonding has come from pre-kid road trips. Sky King and I can drive for hours, enjoying the scenery, stopping for snacks, seeing the sights. 
I was concerned that my stupid health crap would impinge on the road tripping in our future.  However, for what we did, I did fairly good.  We took few breaks but I manged to move around quite a bit, changing position so I didn't get too stiff.  And, it was very conducive to napping. Our new Swagger Wagon has amazing seats that recline wonderfully.  Bring enough pillows and a blankie, and it's snooze time!

One important aspect is the road trip music.  This last trip I tried to introduce an audio book on parenting.  It was as if I suggested dental surgery.  The kids shall continue to run amok, because we blasted the tunes instead.  Here is my list of essential road trip music.  What would you add?  (No deleting, it's MY list, jackass.)

Shania Twain-Come On Over, even with her overuse of apostrophes in the song titles, I can't help but belt out Man, I Feel Like a Woman, especially after a particularly filling fast-food burger.

Steve Miller Band- Greatest Hits1974-1978.  Nothin' says "bonding" like Big Ole Jed with a Light On.  Or the Airliner one, whatever.  The details are NOT in the lyrics.

Madonna, Immaculate Collection-Holiday, Celebrate, need I say more?

Michael Jackson, Thriller-doing the dance moves from the video not only keeps other cars around us awake, but it helps with our motor skills.  By the time we get to bum-fuck nowhere, I am a much better dancer.

Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magik. I Got Stopped by a Lady Cop, in my Automobile....this song reminds me of the time when my stereo was stolen and Sky King and I had to sing to each other for a 2 hour trip.

Elton John-Pretty much anything, as long as it includes Benny and the Jets.

Billy Joel-Love me some Uptown Girl, and all the other shit that came out in the late 80's, early 90's.  Love.

90's music in general is perfect for a road trip-the inane lyrics lend themselves well to road-trip monotony.

Sir Mix-a-Lot-Baby's Got Back is just about the most perfect song known to man-it's got a catchy tune, the lyrics speak the truth (who DOESN'T like a big butt? Got me goin' like a turbo 'vette-musical genius, I say)

What music keeps you going on long trips?


  1. Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation.
    Bare Naked Ladies - Greatest Hits

  2. Holy Shit-I forgot about Janet! I have not heard the Barenaked Ladies in its entirety-but now I must! Thanks, WG!

  3. Second the Barenaked Ladies recommendation. Also Benny & Joon soundtrack. And Smiths, but How Soon is Now is definitely for night driving.

  4. I haven't heard Benny and Joon-I must check it out! I have always LOVED The Smiths, but I am afraid I might deliberately drive into a ditch after I hear too much Morrissey.... ;)