Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 Simple Pleasures, vol. 1

  1. The collective smell of a bag of Halloween candy-why can't this be bottled?
  2. The brief moment during a rainstorm when you pass under a bridge when your windshield is briefly clear
  3. The sight of my son, laughing fully at some joke, show or gag, when he is not being self-conscious (this is so rare, and makes my heart skip a beat)
  4. Watching two children watch a praying mantis in the brush
  5. Coming home silently, getting settled, and hearing the joy in your child's voice when she realizes you are home
  6. The smell of the coffee aisle in the supermarket
  7. A needed, and genuine, hug-the kind where you can truly feel the love coming through his arms
  8. Getting an unexpected package in the mail
  9. Seeing what your fashion-conscious, but quite eccentric daughter chooses to wear for the day
  10. Having your 12 year old son make a playful noise that tells you he REALLY needs to be tickled, just when you think he's getting too old
I hope you enjoyed this list-I know I did-now I can't stop smiling!

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