Wednesday, November 2, 2011

#NaBloPoMo Last Supper

:::Epilogue for the Month of November:::

In an effort to promote blogging and writing in general, November is National Blog Posting Month.  The thing is, bloggers should post one post each day, for the entire month of November.  If we can't come up with something, there is a writing prompt, a sort of "topic of the day" if you will, to get the creative juices flowing.

Originally, I was planning to apologize for having strange, off-topic posts this month.  Then I realized that is one of the things I already have going for me-off-topic strange posts is like my signature move.  So, I will instead apologize for posting so much, you are unable to keep up.  If you wish to ignore my NaBloPoMo posts that are writing prompts, you can do so by ignoring any posts with that strange word in the title.  however, each post, regardless of the reason for the post, will be classic Aimee-strange, odd, possibly littered with profanities.

If I knew whatever I ate next would be my last meal:

Well, I assume that I would be dying, rather than converting to some system where I no longer need/can have food.  Otherwise, my choice might be different.  For instance, if I was moving to a feeding tube, I might choose something crunchy. Or, I might choose something fairly healthy, because maybe the feeding tube is because of some horrifying accident in which my son smashed open a pressurized can and the shrapnel cut my throat, severing something important that prevents me from getting nourishment via mouth. I would say something smart like "severed my esophageal sphincter" but I have no idea what it does, or even how to spell it.

Where was I?

Last meal-dying. Got it.

I am again making assumptions. I am cheating on my diet, and including all the foods I no longer eat, but wish I could.

1st Course:
Max's Opera Cafe' Fantasy Torte (I know this is a dessert, but if I'm dying, I want to make sure I get the best stuff in. I will save a couple bites for the "last-taste-in-the-mouth". I know you know what I'm talking about....
Here is a photo, grabbed from the interwebs...

What you see above is a dense chocolate cake layer, followed by a layer of chocolate mousse, then a lemon-y cheesecake layer on top, all covered by a sinful chocolate ganache.  :::insert Homer drool:::

2nd Course:
I would have to say artichoke-spinach dip, with pita chips. not the ones that are super thick, though.  just thick enough to not break when I scoop up a mound of yumminess.

3rd Course:
My mom's homemade chicken nuggets she would make when I was little. With ranch made from the Hidden Valley packet in an old mayonnaise jar. Side dishes would be bacon mac 'n cheese and french fries from Nation's.

Of course, I would end the meal with a couple saved bites of the fantasy torte, because if there's one thing I've learned in almost 30 years of PMS, What starts with chocolate should end with chocolate.

Now excuse me while I clean up the drool on my keyboard...

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  1. There was a house in the rich neighborhood when I was growing up that gave out full-sized Toblerone bars. That was the holy grail of houses, one we would walk miles to get to. The most annoying thing this Halloween were the houses WITH PORCHLIGHTS ON who didn't bother to open their doors. It's Halloween, people. I don't care if your porchlight is on an automatic timer, turn it off if you're not going to be home. You're wasting our precious doorbell-ringing time. And the house with the porchlight on AND the creepy sign about "I know who you are, stop stealing from me, you are being watched" AND didn't answer? Wow.