Saturday, December 24, 2011


A week ago, I ranted about how I was bummed with my current Rheumatologist. Sky King had researched some local docs, and we got a referral from my therapist.  We made a short list (does 2 names even count as a list?) and planned to interview both. One was booked through Feb 2012, and the other could see me right away.
We saw Dr. M on Friday, last. He was nice, amiable, and listened to both of us.  He asked many questions, all the way back to childhood illnesses (there are some things like Mono and liver issues that stay dormant and come back extra nasty) and family history.  He wanted to know all my aches and pains, including the 13 years of sciatica (which also might tell us something).  We talked lifestyle, eating habits, cravings.

After 1 and a half hours, here is where we ended:
  • test for Lyme (the good test through Ingenix, not the commonly-false-negative Western Blot)
  • Full adrenal test through 24 hour saliva samples (eeeeewwww) because my immune system does not appear to be doing much immune-ing
  • Full parasite test through a really fun home test-deets soon, I promise!
  • Blood work to test thyroid, mineral levels in blood, vitamin D and a bunch of other stuff
  • Hand over large wad of cash-he's not covered by insurance
So.  Passive-aggressive doc that puts all my problems onto depression (meaning, it's in my head) all for the low low price of $20 per visit, every 4 months, until I give up and stop complaining, or until I'm so over-medicated I don't mind drooling.
Expensive doc that listens to me, asks thoughtful questions, and gathers tons of information in order to discern what additional tests are needed, and what treatment options I have.

Ummm, I guess a whirlwind trip through Europe will have to wait.  My health wins this round.

Welcome, Dr. M, to the crazy world of me!

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