Thursday, December 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo Wrap-up

In November, I vowed to blog daily. I found that I had plenty to say, each and every day-so big surprise to those who know me, or read me, or both. But sometimes, blogging can feel like a chore, which defeated the purpose of using it as an outlet for stress, yafeelme? As Sky King would say, "Ya know, this daily blogging thing seems to be stressing you out, are you sure it's a good ideas?" to which I eloquently responded either with a middle finger complete with fancy nails, or a "Mind your own fucking business, thankyouverymuch".
But truly, I enjoyed it. I worked on some ideas I had been thinking of. Some stories that had been brewing. I got away from some of my health stuff which gets old, but still managed to intertwine my crazy usual life with some health stuff.  The point(s) of my blog has always been to be an outlet for me, hope to others who suffer, and possible hilarity for common- and not-so-common-folk. With of course the bonus of becoming ridiculously famous and wealthy, all as an "unexpected bonus"-which is hard to do when you expect it to happen. But I have mental health issues, so it's okay to be ironic, non ironically.

Did I achieve my goals? Well, I think I missed a day, while off traipsing around, running down slutty bitches at amusement parks.  I was busy making shit happen, people. I bet that stupid bitch won't push ahead of someone else on a mobility scooter any time soon.  Nor will her slutty mom. You're welcome, people with handicaps. Or people who are handi-capable. I don't know, I'm new to the lingo. And I guess I can't really call them "my people" with much confidence, you know, since I don't get the awesome parking.  But whatevs.

The post I missed was for the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, and I had a Tuesday Tutorial about making a centerpiece with old mason jars, raffia, and buttons. And lots of glue. And ointment, for the burns. Hot glue is a tricky bitch.  But the photos look lame, and frankly, the craft was okay. Not spectacular, so maybe my subconscious saved me, by making me forget, thus NOT getting onto some crafter's blog that would mock me mercilessly, thus sending me into a deep depression in which I take out throngs of teens hanging out at a mall like emo bowling pins, all with my mom's scooter. I'm sure there is a blog that makes fun of crappy crafts, not Regretsy, but something where people just mock crafts, not crafts for sale.

OK, now I feel super bad. I missed like 4 days. But, I did days when I had more than one post. So does that even out? I dunno, and I don't math too good, so I will just close by saying, well, I hope you liked what I wrote, I hope it makes me rich, and I hope I get better at Thanksgiving centerpieces.

Peace out, my homies


  1. Quality, not quantity! Fortunately you've got both.

    Seriously, talking to hear yourself talk isn't stress reducing.

    The tough thing for me is that all the blog manuals say to blog in the middle of the week, most people don't read on the weekend. But that is when I have more time to write. I always have like 10 drafts going.

    Anyway, loved handi-capable. I'll pass that on to my brother in law, who is blind, but builds bikes.


  2. I am hoping to make your blog read roll... Some day.

  3. Sorry, I thought I had mistake, kind sir. Thanks again for the compliments, and I will fix my blunder presently. ;)

  4. Missing only 4 days out of a whole month is pretty big pimpin. Congrats on your accomplishment...and for mowing down bitches. There is no greater joy.

  5. Elizabeth-thanks for the props. I'm not sure which was the bigger accomplishment. I suspect what Sky King would stand behind, but I have a sneaking suspicion he is wrong...