Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Real Convo Between Me and Sky King

Him: What’s this? (referring to pile of pony beads on cookie sheet, next to pipe cleaners) Oh shit.  I don’t like the looks of this.

Me: What? (attempting to sound genuinely offended)

SK: I don’t want to have to clean this shit up later.

Me: What are you even talking about? I got it.

SK: Yeah, right. :::snort:::

Me: I do! Besides, it’s not that big of a mess. I used a tray.  Wasn’t this in our vows, “I promise to clean up after her, whether crafts projects, or verbal diarrhea”? 

SK: No.  But it should have been. I would have mentioned something like this, for sure.

Me: That’s what you get for waiting til the last minute. Point, me.

SK: :::walks away, crunching on his bowl of Christmas Crunch cereal, that I thoughtfully picked out:::

UPDATE: I cleaned it up all by myself. Color him surprised. Oh, and I made dinner, two desserts, and kept three kids from killing each other, or dying by my hand. Take THAT, Sky King!

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  1. You had some kick ass and thorough vows! Bet your ceremony lasted a while.