Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fortune Cookie Philosophy

Life is Good.

I know, I know.  It's a company, it's a cheesy phrase that has sold tons and tons of swag, from hats to T's to water bottles to messenger bags.  It costs a lot, too.

But, I have found that, through the purchase and wearing of these shirts and hats, I kind of embody the philosophy.

Normally, I shirk all things over-positive, touchy-feely, tree-huggy, prone to being embraced by the granola munching daisy sniffers of the world.  I have slowly come to realize that these are my people.  :::gasp:::

I wear the "Life is Good" clothing. We buy organic. We dismiss artificial preservatives and colors like a gamer dismisses hygiene. I walked my first 5k this morning, and actually envision doing more in the future, possibly at a quicker running-like pace. We ride our bikes to places, like the store, while toting our reusable grocery bags. I am even taking a seminar on meditation. (Don't drop your gluten free, dairy free organic sustainably harvested cookie.)

And, I have changed a lot.  I have changed my schedule, my diet, my habits.  But most of all, my outlook. Getting my life's philosophy from a T-shirt doesn't seem as lame as I once thought it was. I actually enjoy wearing the shirts, I feel a little bit better, I have a certain spring in my step.

Next thing you know, I will be blanketing my new minivan with bumper stickers-you know, things like:
Republicans for Voldemort
Come the rapture, can I have your car?

And maybe one of those awesome bumper stickers that look like bandages. I could put it where my son washed my car with a scrubby sponge. (Clear coat does NOT hold up to that kind of elbow grease, incidentally.)

Shhh-don't tell my husband.  Bumper stickers just might be the thing that pushes him over the edge.

You get the point.  Or, maybe I lost you somewhere along the way. It happens to the best of us.  Okay. The point is, getting your philosophy from a bumper sticker or fortune cookie, or cool T-shirt, is awesome.

You now have my permission to be a big lame dork.  Go ahead, fly your freak flag proudly.  I do!


  1. You neglected to mention the yoga and acupuncture, hippie.

    Dorks of the World, Unite!

  2. I'm so hippie, I thought that was mainstream!