Sunday, May 29, 2011

Princess Pride

Waxing poetic today.  My condolences.

My Princess is one amazing chick.  She has the biggest brownest eyes, and they fill with about a cup of tears before they overfill and spill onto her befreckled cheeks.  She is quite the character, and is sure to cause me MANY sleepless nights.  She also has the quirkiest sense of humor, much like her mama.

While she may not have the most mainstream fashion sense, she certainly knows what she likes.  Her sense of irony is ironic-she has no idea how ironic she is being.  Take, for instance, her invisible socks. One day, we went shoe shopping.  (We do this a lot, as evidenced by my closet...) Princess needed shoes (Yes, any daughter of mine must have several choices.  Not just because she must be fabulous.  Her feet tend to sweat excessively.  And if she wears the same shoes each day, the smell, in my opinion, is akin to dirty wet dog. She once corrected me---her take on the odor was more of the garbage variety.).
So, off we go to Nordy's. we choose the potentials, and sit, waiting for some 20-something guy to attend to our every footwear need. (Honestly, shopping for shoes at Nordstrom is one of life's great pleasures.)

I noted that she had worn flip flops, and would need some peds to try on some Converse----rainbow, of course. The man said, certainly, and off he went to grab a pair from the box. He came back, and Princess looked at me, while I explained that these were special things to put on your feet when trying on shoes (honestly, what kind of mother am I? She's 6, and I haven't even taught her about peds???). She watches as the man puts them on, then we proceed through our process.

15 minutes later, we are wrapping up the transaction, choosing the rainbow Converse. Then, she looks up at the man, and says: "Can I KEEP these????"

Man: What, sweetie?
P: These invisible socks!!!
Man: Uh, ::awkward pause::: sure.
P: :::genuine awe::: Thanks!!!!

And then, she proceeded to show them off, in the most fashionable way possible.  For the ENTIRE walk through the mall.

And, for every day that week, until they nearly fell apart from filth.

(Honestly, did you think I would wash them?  If I had, we would STILL be arguing over whether she could be wearing them every day.  One week of stench is NOTHING compared to a year of her sporting those hideous travesties.)

Can't you just SEE her pride?


  1. HOT! She rocks that look. You'd probably hate me if I bought her a box of them, eh?

  2. I would! And, I will hold you responsible when the school calls, demanding an explanation for the odor.