Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spoon Secrets

The other day, I woke up without any spoons.  It was as if a giant band of roving spoon thieves had snuck in the fairy door in my daughter's bedroom wall, and hijacked my ability to deal.
And, I needed extra that day. What a bitch, right?

Well, I ignored the lack of spoons, and began the morning. After about 40 minutes (I know, I'm getting quicker on the uptake), I talked to my husband about what was stuck in my craw. We negotiated, and I went about acquiring a spoon or two, so that the family would live to see another day.

I meditated. I went into the bedroom after explaining to the kids that I needed some peace time, and worked with the CD my therapist had given me two weeks ago to begin my Mindfulness training. So, I cracked the CD open, and began. Sometime in the middle, I heard the kids fighting in the hallway-I supressed the urge to open the door and scream, "I'm trying to F#%KING MEDITATE in here, shut your yaps!!!". But, the training must be working, because I breathed through the desire to psychologically, and physically, scar them.

And, lo and behold, I came out of that bedroom 32 minutes later, with armloads of spoons.

Maybe I should give one to the husband-he looks ready to snap...

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