Friday, May 13, 2011

Maria Montessori kicks ass

So. Today, my darling 12-year-old, Monkey Boy, had an altercation. Well, not quite, but I was given a crystal ball into what his future holds. Let me explain.

My kids go to a Montessori charter school. We love it, they love it. They have learned a true sense of community pride, and I feel strongly that the curriculum is helping them to become good citizens.

Today, there were some kids from the neighborhood hanging around the campus-a couple of them had pretty sassy mouths for 9-year-olds, in my opinion. There were four, total, the oldest about 11. They got run off the campus buy some office staff, about the same time I was collecting my kids.

MB walked ahead as usual, as I was chatting with Princess's teacher. This is the conversation MB had with the oldest boy:

Boy: This school sucks!
MB: So does your face.
Boy: Hey kid! I could kick your ass!
MB: Yeah, only if I hold your purse.
Boy: you wanna fight?
MB: Nah, I might get your blood on my mom's new car.

See? I have Maria Montessori to thank for that school pride, that sense of community, that personal responsibility...

::: pride swelling:::

Am I missing the point? I don't think so....

The conversation in the car included many references to writing checks butts can't cash, and making sure muscles keep up with sarcastic mouths (I have NO IDEA where he got such a sarcastic mouth).

I have a feeling the teen years are going to be a challenge.


  1. you reap what you sow-remember the kid you gave a bloody nose to at about this age?

  2. Hey, now. That was uncalled for. And, that kid deserved it. In fact, both kids deserved it. See? We are righteous vigilantes.