Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am establishing some new holidays.  They will hereby be known as MHD's (Mental Health Days).  I anticipate rejoicing in the streets, and many many many paid holidays in the future, at least for myself.
Today is one.  Yesterday was a half-day.  Friday is ALWAYS one.  See?  Get sick, blow off life. Although,  I keep telling myself I am really just learning a new way to live. 
I have taken MHDs before, but not in this great quantity.  I really shoulda started sooner!

Today, in honor of MHD, I am seeking a white noise machine. I need to fix my sleep, and start doing what my doctors say I should.  Right after I accept that I have sleep problems.

I tell you, one thing after another.

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  1. Every day is an MHD for me. Crazy + lazy is a beautiful thing!